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Commercial Coatings

Commercial Coatings

Commercial Coatings

Atlas Protective Coatings applies many different types of coatings. Our services include:

  • Powder Coating
  • Lawn Furniture Powder Coating
  • PTFE and Dry Film Lubricant Coatings
  • Hi-temp coatings (ex. Headers, exhaust systems, manifolds etc.)
  • Protective Coatings
  • Industrial Painting
  • Sandblasting
  • Custom color matching
  • Pick-up and delivery service

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder.
The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is
that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler
parts in a liquid suspension form.
The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to
allow it to flow and form a “skin”. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a
thermoset polymer. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than
conventional paint. Powder coating is mainly used for coating of metals. Because
of its method of application powder coated items have a more even tougher
surface that covers all areas helping in repelling moisture and corrosion.

PTFE Coatings

PTFE coatings (Polytetrafluoroethylene) are non-stick, fluoropolymer, high temp
coatings. The popular names for these coatings are Teflon and Xylan. This specific type
of coating has the highest operating temperature, a low coefficient of friction, as well as
good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Its non-reactive properties, due to
strong carbon–fluorine bonds, makes this coating great for applications that must hold
up against volatile and corrosive chemicals.
PTFE coatings are used in a variety of industries, but is most known for its use in
bakeware, automotive, chemical, and oil and gas. Some common end uses for PTFE
coatings include slide gates, hinges, blades, AC pistons, springs, bearings, automotive
components, steel, lawn and garden equipment, and guide rails.

Hi Temp Coatings

Hi Temp coatings are normally a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals,
plastics, polymers and wood. The unique formulation used for ceramic coating
enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear
resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness.
These coatings have the ability to withstand temps up to 1800 degrees F and are
normally applied with an HVLP liquid spray gun.

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